Scratch IT

As part of the celebrations leading up to Girls in ICT Day, on April 27th, the NTRC invited teams from the various high schools to submit animations as part of the Scratch IT Animation Competition. The winners were announced during an award ceremony held at the Dominica State College.

Congratulations to:

Team Technical Knockout of the Convent High School for Best Animation &

Gardeners G&S of the Orion Academy for collecting the most likes for Viewer’s Choice.

We thank all the teams, teachers and schools who participated in the competition, as we look forward to the next one. Stay tuned!


Presentation of Best Animation prize of EC$1,500 to the Convent High School #GirlsinICT #ScratchIT


Presentation of Viewers’ Choice prize of EC$1,000 to the Orion Academy #GirlsinICT #ScratchIT